stay tuned

7 pm////February 13th, 15th, 17th, 21st, 23rd, & 25th: 2010

VIVO////1965 Main Street, Vancouver

the Evening News is a series of six forums happening as a part of VIVO 2010: Safe Assembly. Each evening will lean upon the experiences, observations, footage, and art of residents, media activists, and artists living around Vancouver for citizen’s “reports” on everyday life in the province, direct action and protest, and other transitory and lasting social effects of the megaevent. By asking the Vancouver Media Coop, the ORN, various local organizers, researchers, activists, and cultural workers to think through these associations during the Olympics the idea is to create an archive of community response that shapes dialogue and enables unique distributions of critique. With an understanding that the meaning of the Winter Olympics is much of what is at stake, the hope is to facilitate coherence amidst critical political and cultural communities.

If you have footage, work, or information that you would like to contribute to the conversation please bring the material to VIVO from 4-6 any day between February 13th and 25th, or email us at For information about other programming happening as a part of VIVO 2010: Safe Assembly, and/or to sign up for email notifications about the project, follow the VIVO link to the right!


The VIVO Safe Assembly project seeks to take advantage of the context of a semi-autonomous cultural space to facilitate dialogue that encourages discourse and shared ownership of the Anti-Olympic movement and the organizing efforts that will come out of it in the aftermath of February 2010.

The project organizers and VIVO staff respect and appreciate all who have come to participate in discussion, but feel the need to clarify the project as having no patience for aggression or intimidation within our events.

It is our hope that the dialogues we’re facilitating and the space being provided will foster broad critique and debate around issues internal to the movement, and the effects of the Olympics upon Vancouver and communities throughout the Pacific Northwest .

These discussions aim to generate momentum and to support a common cause. We pledge to protect the non-aggressive nature of the space with the hope that this will contribute to work within the broader community.

In solidarity


2 responses to “stay tuned

  1. I will be reporting from my look-out at Main & Hastings as I have done since July 2007. My three year documentary/photography practice is coming to a close and this Five Ring Circus will certainly provide a highlight to the arc. It will be in the denouement/post-mortem that the real work will be done. I am not sure how I can participate outside of being present at Safe Assembly. Although I have been documenting and recording my observations since 2007, I have only been posting on-line since 01 January 2010. Please let me know if it is obvious where I might best contribute. I am very excited about participating in this event with VIVO.

    Christine Hatfull

    • This is great, Christine! Thanks for your interest in the project. Please pass off any pertinent documentation that you have… whatever you feel would add to the conversation. We’ll be around VIVO at the times listed above to view and discuss working submissions into the program. Or you can also email clips to us at the listed gmail address.

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